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My Husband Doesn’t Give Me Gifts On Special Occasions And That’s Okay

Yes, you read that right! My husband doesn’t give me gifts on special occasions and I am FINALLY okay with that. Back when he was still my boyfriend, because we were thousands of miles apart (he was in the United States and I was in the Philippines), he would make an extra effort to send me romantic gifts or do romantic gestures on special occasions. But all of those stopped shortly after I migrated to the United States.

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grateful notes - a family Thanksgiving tradition

Grateful Notes – A Simple Family Thanksgiving Tradition

If you’re following me on Instagram stories or my blog for a while, you probably already know that gratefulness is one of the values that means a lot to me. It is one of the core values of my photography business; and it is also the reason why I hosted a Halloween Micro Session For A Cause last month. So, of course around Thanksgiving a few years ago, I decided to start a simple Thanksgiving tradition with my family to instill gratefulness in my kids. It’s very simple that you can also do it!

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